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Course modified date: 9 lug 2024
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Food Regulation in the EU

Food Regulation in the EU FR_EN

Course modified date: 17 apr 2024
Legislação Alimentar na UE

Legislação Alimentar na UE FR_PT

Course modified date: 17 apr 2024
Legislazione alimentare nell'UE

Legislazione alimentare nell'UE FR_IT

Course modified date: 17 apr 2024
Νομοθεσία Tροφίμων στην ΕE
Psychology and Motivation

Psychology and Motivation PM

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024
Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology EP

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024
Psychology of Sustainability

Psychology of Sustainability PS

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024
User Experience Design

User Experience Design UED

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024

Main goals of the course:

Understanding UX Principles: To define the foundational principles and concepts of user experience design.

User Research Methods: To use various user research techniques such as surveys, interviews, and usability testing.

Information Architecture: To organize and structure content effectively, ensuring users can easily find and navigate information.

Wireframing and Prototyping: To create wireframes and prototypes to visualize design ideas and iterate on them based on user feedback.

Interaction Design: To design intuitive and efficient interactions, focusing on how users will interact with the product.

Visual Design Principles: To apply principles of visual design, including typography, color theory, and layout, to create aesthetically pleasing and functional interfaces.

User Testing and Evaluation: To conduct usability tests and evaluate the effectiveness of designs, making necessary adjustments based on user feedback.

Microteaching MT

Course modified date: 10 lug 2024

This course focuses on informing and training refugee teachers on the different teaching methods and strategies through the cycle of micro teaching with the aim of equipping them with a wide repertoire of practical strategies and techniques while teaching refugees and reinforce their self-esteem and self-confidence while dealing with different teaching situations. In this course, students will learn about the cycle of microteaching and the process of developing a lesson plan according to the differentiated instruction principles. They will identify how to form cognitive, affective and psychomotor objectives while adopting effective teaching and learning. Through the process of micro teaching, they learn the roles of an effective teacher in planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning. Criteria for effective teaching practices are emphasised throughout the course modules. After training on the cycle of microteaching, teachers are introduced to the main skills of microteaching, namely, planning, implementation, feedback, and evaluation skills and sub-skills during the micro-teaching sessions. The main focus of the course is on the teaching practices and implementation of the different teaching strategies and methods as well as the focus on the social and cultural needs of refugees while demonstrating microteaching sessions. Utilizing group and collaboration methods of teaching, the course promotes sustainable development of teachers’ capacity in dealing with the different situations while teaching to refugees. More emphasis is given to the different techniques of teaching that empowers teachers with the different approaches, strategies, methods and even tactics of teaching refugees the different curriculum areas.

Introduction to Education Technology

Introduction to Education Technology IET

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024

Introduction to Educational Technology & Digital Transformation 

Introduction to Informatiion Technology

Introduction to Informatiion Technology IIF

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024
Technology Raising Awareness

Technology Raising Awareness TRA

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024
Research Methodology

Research Methodology RM

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024

Research Methods 

Introduction to Linguistics

Introduction to Linguistics IL

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024


Computer Skills

Computer Skills CS

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024
Maker Spaces

Maker Spaces MS

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024

This introductory course introduces students to skills, technologies, principles and issues involved in managing makerspaces and fab labs for emerging technologies, which has been an area of growing demand for information and technology organizations. The course will focus on technology leadership and management as well as instructional and design aspects of operating spaces that support hands-on technology learning and use. Students gain hands-on experience with digital and physical making toolkits and design maker experiences within an information institution.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering SoftE

Course modified date: 9 lug 2024